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Microsoft .NET Framework

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Wordsearch is an application that allows you to search through text files containing specified text. WordSearch was written with software developers in mind to make impact analysis of code faster and easier. However, it is equally valuable to anyone who wishes to search through text files.

WordSearch has many advantages over similar applications, these include:

  • Speed
  • Provides time savings by offering the facility to save which folders and files to search through.
  • Makes reviewing marches easier and quicker by allowing the option to show matches in context.
  • Makes use of Microsoft's .NET regex class for powerful regular expression searching.

Product Summary

  • Fast text file search utility (similar to Grep)
  • Supports Regular Expressions
  • Introduces File Sets which allow common search folders and extensions to be saved.
  • Requires Microsoft .net Framework version 1.1. Microsoft .net Framework v1.1 (free download - please follow link on left).